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Division: Codman Neuro
Category: Drug Delivery - Implantable Catheters

Codman Neuro has created a superior, long-term pain management system with the union of two innovative pain management products: the CODMAN 3000® Constant Flow Implantable Infusion Pump and the Codman Neuro Surestream™ catheter. The result is a technologically advanced system. The Codman Neuro Surestream™ intraspinal catheter offers you the best of both worlds: a soft outer surface with a wire-reinforced body. Surestream™ can also be attached to the pump catheter that is used with the MedStream pump.



70020US Surestream™ Intraspinal Catheter Kit
One: Surestream™ 19 Gauge Catheter with Stylet: Polyurethane with Titanium Coil, 105 cm, I.D. 0.5mm
Two: 17 gauge Tuohy needle with Stylet 9.8cm (3 7/8") with cm markings
One: Catheter Threading Guide
One: Catheter Connector
One: Catheter Anchor (1 each of 4 styles)
One: SnapLock™Flushing Adapter
One: Wing Clip Hub
One: Strain Relief Sleeve
70028 Replacement Connector for 70020US
One: Catheter Connector with Strain Relief Sleeve

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