CODMAN CERTAS® Plus Programmable Valve

Division: Neuro

CODMAN CERTAS® Plus Programmable Valve System is for the treatment of Hydrocephalus.

Indications for Use

The CODMAN CERTAS® Plus Programmable Valve is an implantable device that provides constant intra-ventricular pressure and drainage of CSF for the management of hydrocephalus.

Features & Benefits

The CODMAN CERTAS® Plus Programmable Valve is available in eight basic configurations. 

  • 8 discrete Performance Settings that cover a broad range of operating pressures to optimize the shunt performance to meet the needs of the hydrocephalus patient
    • ‘Virtual Off’ setting (Performance Setting 8)
  • The valve is designed to withstand unintended pressure setting changes due to external magnetic influences, including MRI up to 3 Tesla1
  • Integrated SIPHONGUARD® Anti-Siphon Device reduces the risk of overdrainage
    • The SIPHONGUARD Anti-Siphon Device is position independent, allowing maximum treatment flexibility for the patient2
  • Available with integrated BACTISEAL® Antimicrobial Catheters
    • BACTISEAL Catheters reduce gram positive bacterial colonization on the catheter surfaces for up to 28 days3


The CODMAN CERTAS® Tool Kit allows for a non-invasive reading to assist in monitoring and adjusting the valve pressure.



1 The clinician should confirm he valve setting after a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) procedure.

2 Using the Codman HAKIM Programmable Valve with SiphonGuard. Hashimoto, Mukai and Tsukada. The Neurosurgery Bulletin, Sept. 2004.

3 Bayston R, Ashraf W, Bhundia C. Mode of action of an antimicrobial biomaterial for use in hydrocephalus shunts. J. Antimicrobial Chemotherapy. 2004; 53: 778-782.


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