SIPHONGUARD® Anti-Siphon and Flow-Control Device

Division: Codman Neuro
Category: Hydrocephalus

Preventing excessive flow while allowing constant physiological drainage, SIPHONGUARD® Device is the only dual pathway anti-siphon and flow-control device in which both pathways function in concert.


HAKIM® is a registered trademark of Hakim USA, LLC and is used under license.




Indications for Use

The SIPHONGUARD® Device can be used as a component of hydrocephalus shunt systems designed to shunt CSF from the lateral ventricles of the brain into the peritoneal cavity or right atrium of the heart.


The SIPHONGUARD® Device is designed to reduce the potential hazards of excessive lowering of intraventricular pressure (with respect to atmospheric pressure) when a patient is in an upright position.

Features & Benefits

During normal flow, both the primary and secondary pathways are open. When excessive flow is detected, the primary pathway closes and flow is diverted to the high resistance secondary pathway. The secondary pathway decreases the flow rate by 90% while maintaining a drainage rate within physiological ranges, which prevents the damaging complications due to overdrainage.


The SIPHONGUARD® Device ball and spring mechanical design is encased in a polyethersulfone shell making it impervious to the conditions that routinely cause silicone diaphragm device failure (e.g. Delta® chamber). The SIPHONGUARD Device function and durability are totally unaffected by scar tissue encapsulation or external pressure (pillows, etc.).


The ruby ball & seat and the Stainless Steel spring components were selected for their stability, as proven by their long-term performance in the Codman Neuro Precision and Programmable valve mechanisms. Other siphon-control devices with silicone diaphragms change performance over time due to a change in material properties. The SIPHONGUARD Device unique ball and spring design remains reliably sensitive to differences between normal and excessive flow over time.


The SIPHONGUARD Device design allows for implantation in any orientation and anybody location distal to the valve, providing the surgeon with more options during surgery.


The SIPHONGUARD®  Anti-Siphon Device is available as an integral component of the CODMAN® HAKIM® Programmable and Precision valve technologies, or as a stand-alone upgrade to an already implanted valve. The stand-alone device can be placed anywhere distal to the valve or used as a stand-alone low pressure flow-control valve.


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