ORBIT GALAXY® Detachable Coil System

Division: Codman Neuro
Category: Embolic Coils

The ORBIT GALAXY® Detachable Coil System includes the complete range of stretch resistant Frame, Fill and XTRASOFT® Finishing Coils required to treat aneurysms. These coils feature a unique, complex random loop design. This shape makes the coils highly conformable and enables them to conform to an aneurysm periphery, and to seek and fill open spaces in cerebral aneurysms to achieve high packing densities.


ORBIT GALAXY Coils leverage design elements from the Codman Neuro TRUFILL DCS ORBIT® Coils, but adds features including stretch resistance, the soft, complex XTRASOFT Finishing Coil, and the stable Frame coil.


ORBIT GALAXY Coils are deployed using the ORBIT GALAXY Delivery System, an innovative system that offers flexibility and softness at the distal end to minimize microcatheter movement, helping physicians maintain optimal positioning within the aneurysm and enabling the placement of more coils.


ORBIT GALAXY Fill and XTRASOFT Coils feature an outer diameter (OD) of 0.012 inches, which delivers significantly higher packing volume per cm of length than comparable 0.010-inch systems.


The TRUFILL DCS® Syringe II is used to detach ORBIT GALAXY Coils.  ORBIT GALAXY Coils are compatible with all Codman Neuro microcatheters except for PROWLER® 10 Microcatheter.


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