Lumbar External Drainage System

Division: Neuro

The CODMAN® Lumbar External Drainage Catheter with Touhy needle is preloaded with a hydrophilic guidewire to prevent catheter bunching when removing guidewire from the catheter.

Indications for Use

Use of the CODMAN® Lumbar Drainage Catheter Kit II is indicated for temporary access to the lumbar subarachnoid region. It is designed for use with dimensionally compatible devices for draining cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and other fluids of similar physical characteristics as a means of reducing intracranial pressure and CSF volume.

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
80cm Catheter with Guidewire 80cm catheter provides ease of use and maneuverability in tight spaces. Precoiled guidewire for convenience
Hydrophilic Guidewire Coating Lubricious coating prevents catheter bunching when removing the guidewire from the catheter
Unique Drainage Hole Pattern Large diameter of holes minimizes chance of occlusion
Tuohy Needle For smooth catheter guidance in subarachnoid space.



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