DURAFORM® Dural Graft Implant

Division: Codman Neuro
Category: Neuro Closure

DURAFORM® Dural Graft Implant is a collagen- based biocompatible dural substitute that exhibits tensile strength and wet handling capabilities.

Indications for Use

The DURAFORM® Dural Graft Implant is intended for use in procedures where the repair or substitution of the patient’s dura mater is needed.

The DURAFORM Dural Graft Implant is contraindicated in patients with known sensitivity to bovine-derived materials. Do not use or repair neural tube defects or anterior spinal surgery with dural resection.

Use with caution in infected areas.

Codman does not recommend use to cover:
• Large defects at the skull base following surgery
• Dural defects involving mastoid cells

Features & Benefits

The collagen used in its production is obtained from a negligible geographical BSE risk level source, the lowest risk category available. In fact, GLP animal data shows effective neodural tissue development, with no evidence of graft encapsulation. *data on file.

When wet, DURAFORM® Implant has stronger handling and forceps manipulation, and handles better than other onlay graft dural substitutes.*

A textured top surface makes DURAFORM Implant easy to grip and manipulate, by hand or with forceps. The soft, smooth bottom side gently molds to the complex surface structures of the brain and dura, minimizing undesirable creases and folds.


CSF leak resistance is another key factor in the overall effectiveness and value of dural substitutes. DURAFORM Implant answers this call with a unique design that incorporates two different textured surfaces to give it enhanced wet handling capabilities and excellent anatomical conformity.

*Data on file. Codman Neuro 2004


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