XCM BIOLOGIC® Tissue Matrix

Division: CMF
Category: Acellular Dermis

XCM BIOLOGIC® Tissue Matrix is a sterile non-crosslinked 3-D matrix derived from porcine dermis.

Indications for Use

XCM BIOLOGIC® Tissue Matrix is indicated for use in general surgical procedures for the reinforcement and repair of soft tissue where weakness exists, including, but not limited to; defects of the thoracic wall, suture line reinforcement, and muscle flap reinforcement; hernia repair; soft tissue reconstructive procedures including plastic and reconstructive surgical applications and for reinforcement of soft tissues which are repaired by suture or suture anchors.

The device is intended for single use only.

Features & Benefits

XCM is 

  • Easy to use –
    • Hydrated, ready-to-use
    • No soaking reduces the chances of contamination
    • Can be stored at room temperature
    • No pre-stretching required
    • No orientation limitation
    • Terminally sterilized
    • No risk of human disease transmission
    • Available in a wide variety of sizes
  • Strong –
    • Strength without cross-linking
    • Intact collagen fibers retain natural strength and provide pliability
  • Non-cross linked –
    • Unique processing maintains the natural 3-D fibrous structure and key ECM components* 
    • Open pore structure allows for cell in-growth and revascularization.

*The effect of these components on the performance of XCM BIOLOGIC® Tissue Matrix has not been clinically evaluated.



Component Separation With Sandwich Technique
XCM Hernia Video – Onlay Technique (Cadaver)
XCM Biologic Tissue Matrix Demo Clips



XCM Strength of Science Brochure


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