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Preoperative planning services available through DePuy Synthes CMF

DePuy Synthes TRUMATCH® CMF Solutions combines an interactive planning session using PROPLAN CMF Software with the output of patient-specific surgical guides to create a comprehensive preoperative planning service with tactile transfer to the operating room. The interactive virtual planning process allows the surgeon to make critical clinical decisions preoperatively.

Surgeon Workflow

surgeon workflow

PROPLAN CMF – Technology for precise and accurate planning

An interactive virtual planning software that allows:

  • Critical clinical decisions to be made preoperatively
  • Simulation of the skeletal osteotomies for harvest and relocation sites

Experienced clinical design team

  • Live interactive sessions with a knowledgeable support team to assist the virtual planning

Osteotomy guides and anatomical models (surgical kit)

  • Tactile representation of the patient anatomy and condition
  • Enable accurate transfer of the virtual plan to the operating room
  • Guides are labeled for proper positioning and orientation room

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Features & Benefits


Technology for precise and accurate surgical planning enables:

  • Preoperative visualization of the patient anatomy and condition
  • Virtual simulation and optimization of the skeletal osteotomies and reconstruction
  • Facilitates communication between patient and surgery team
  • Reduced surgical time
  • Improved OR efficiency
  • Comparison of preoperative plan and postoperative results
  • Visualization of skeletal and soft tissue relationships

Patient-specific surgical guides and splints

Designed to assist with osteotomies and to accurately transfer the preoperative plan to the surgical site. Some examples include:

  • Distraction positioning guides
  • Orthognathic splints
  • Graft harvesting guides
  • Mandible and midface resection guides

Anatomic models

  • Tactile representation of the anatomy or preoperative plan for surgical simulation and communication to the patient
  • Available in acrylic or polyamide to meet your specific need.

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ProPlan CMF Brochure

TRUMATCH CMF Solutions Brochure

ProPlan CMF Request for Service, Mandible/Midface Reconstruction

ProPlan CMF Request for Service, Anatomic Bone Models Order Form

ProPlan CMF Request for Service, Orthognathic Surgery Form

ProPlan CMF Scanning Protocol

ProPlan CMF Request for Service, Cranial Reconstruction

ProPlan CMF Request for Service, Craniofacial Distraction

ProPlan CMF Request for Service, Mandible Distraction

ProPlan CMF instructions for use

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why does it take two business days to activate my new web account?
A: That time is necessary to verify your account information

Q: What if I forget my password?
A: From the ProPlan CMF application login window, click the "I forgot my password" link. Provide your email address and a message will be sent with information to reset your password.

Q: Where can I find the ProPlan CMF Scanning Protocol?
A: Click on the Forms and Resources tab.

Q: How can I place an order for distraction cases?
A: Log in to ProPlan CMF Connect and follow the steps to add a new case.

Q: What is the turnaround time for the ProPlan CMF products and services?
A: Contact the CSS Team at or 866-332-7486.

Q: How can I rack the progress of my ProPlan CMF order?
A: Log in to ProPlan CMF Connect.

Q: What are the system requirements for ProPlan Connect?
A: Click the Online Request Form.

Q: Are prepaid mailing envelopes available?
A: Yes. Request them from your sales consultant.

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