Titanium Sternal Fixation System

Division: CMF
Category: Chest Wall Closure and Fixation Products

The Titanium Sternal Fixation System provides stable internal fixation of the sternum for primary or secondary closure and repair, and is particularly useful following debridement of the sternum, or when sternal bone quality is insufficient.

Indications for Use

Primary or secondary closure/repair of the sternum following sternotomy or fracture of the sternum to stabilize the sternum and promote fusion.

Features & Benefits

  • Titanium straight locking plates for sternal and rib-to-rib fixation
  • Titanium star-shaped and H-shaped locking plates for fixation of the manubrium
  • Release pin on all plates for emergent re-entry*
  • 3.0 mm titanium locking screws lock to the plate, increasing reliability of fixation

*Except Ti Sternal Straight Plate (460.046)


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