RAPIDSORB® Rapid Resorbable Fixation System

Division: CMF
Category: Biomaterials

RAPIDSORB® Fixation System consists of resorbable plates, meshes and screws intended for use in fracture repair and reconstructive procedures of the craniofacial skeleton. The implants are resorbed by the body in approximately 12 months.

Indications for Use

RAPIDSORB® Fixation System is intended for use in fracture repair and reconstructive procedures of the craniofacial skeleton in pediatric and adult populations. In addition, resorbable meshes, sheets, screws and tacks may be used in non‐load bearing applications for maintaining the relative position of, and/or containing, bony fragments, bone grafts, (autograft or allograft), or bone graft substitutes in reconstruction of the craniofacial or mandibular areas.

Features & Benefits

The implants are manufactured from 85:15 poly(L‐lactide‐co‐glycolide).
RAPIDSORB® Fixation System
  • Degrades without late inflammatory complications and foreign‐body responses that have been observed with semi‐crystalline structures such as poly(L‐lactide)1,2
  • Eliminates concerns for potential migration and translocation associated with metallic implants
  • Eliminates secondary surgeries for implant removal
  • Radiolucent polymer does not interfere with intra‐ or postoperative radiographs


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