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Charitable Contributions

Charitable Contributions

Contributions may be provided for purposes related to disease states, conditions, and treatments that are relevant to the company’s business.

Each request is individually evaluated for compliance with charitable contribution criteria, budget available and alignment with our Company’s mission.

Charitable contributions are not contingent upon the use, purchase, or recommendation of DePuy Synthes Companies products.

Charitable Contributions Quick Guide

Charitable Contributions Reference Guide

Monetary Contributions

DePuy Synthes Companies may provide monetary contributions to support community-based programs, projects or events and/or philanthropic efforts that save and improve lives, prevent disease and educate health care workers.

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Patient Relief

Doctor assisting a patient after DePuy Synthes Companies provided products to support his surgery, free of charge. DePuy Synthes Companies may provide products to support surgeries that are conducted in the U.S. to patients that are uninsured. The institution and health care provider must agree to provide the surgery free of charge to the patient and agree that they will not bill any third parties for reimbursement of the products provided.

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Medical Mission Trips

A globe showing various locations around the world where DePuy Synthes Companies may support non-profit organizations that conduct mission work in third-world countries.

DePuy Synthes Companies may support non-profit organizations that conduct mission work in third-world countries. This mission work involves a team of volunteers that provides indigent patients access to health care. These patients, otherwise, would not receive any medical attention.

If approved, the products will be shipped to the organization’s U.S. location. It is the organization’s responsibility to manage the import/export shipping logistics compliantly. Any product provided must have regulatory approvals required in the mission country and all unused product is required to be returned.

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Medical Mission Packs

Johnson & Johnson has partnered with MAP International to provide opportunities for individuals to obtain basic medical supplies in the form of a kit at a reduced rate. These kits are designed to be taken out of the U.S. by those involved in a mission trip to conduct global health work. The packs are made to be carried in baggage, and come complete with customs paperwork to ease the process.

Access/order or view this kit and others from MAP International Pack

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