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Division: Knee Reconstruction
Category: Primary Knees

"A knee that can help patients get back sooner" 1-2

The ATTUNE® Primary Total Knee System is designed with the goal of addressing the clinical needs of patients, surgeons, and hospital providers around the world. Extensive research and science is included in the design to help improve functional outcomes for patients, performance for surgeons, and efficiency for providers. The ATTUNE Knee is an innovative, comprehensive, integrated knee system.

The ATTUNE Knee is one of the largest research and development projects in the history of DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction and combines the latest in design, kinematics, engineering and materials to deliver stability and motion.

1. Clatworthy, M. (2015). An Early Outcome Study of the ATTUNE® Knee System vs. the SIGMA® CR150 Knee System. DePuy Synthes Companies White Paper. DSUS/JRC/0814/0418. In an IRB approved early outcomes study, physiotherapists collected data on 40 patients implanted with ATTUNE® Knees and 40 patients with SIGMA® CR150 knees. The results demonstrated that patients implanted with the ATTUNE Knee had statistically significant improvements in some early outcomes, other outcomes demonstrated a trend favoring the ATTUNE Knee, and some outcomes were equivalent
2. Etter, K., Lerner, J., de Moor, C, Yoo, A., Kalsekar, I. (2016). PMD10-Comparative Effectiveness of ATTUNE® Versus Triathlon™ Total Knee Systems: Real-World Length of Stay and Discharge Status." Value in Health 19(3): A298. Premier Perspective™ Database analysis including 38 hospitals, representing 1,178 primary, unilateral TKAs with the ATTUNE Knee and 5,707 primary, unilateral TKAs with Triathlon™. The analysis found that the patients implanted with the ATTUNE Knee had statistically shorter length of stay and were more frequently discharged home vs. a skilled nursing facility compared to the TKAs with Triathlon™.

ATTUNE Knee System -

Indications for Use

Please refer to the EPI within the ATTUNE® Knee System Surgical Technique for specific Indications for Use. The ATTUNE® Knee System Surgical Technique is located within the Resources tab.

Features & Benefits

The ATTUNE® Knee features several key proprietary technologies, exclusive to DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction: The ATTUNE Primary Total Knee System is designed to deliver a high level of stability and motion.


  Features Benefits
ATTUNE Knee with GRADIUS Curve ATTUNE GRADIUS® Curve The patented ATTUNE GRADIUS Curve is the gradually reducing femoral radius designed to provide a smooth transition from stability to rotational freedom through a patient's range of motion.
ATTUNE Knee with GLIDERIGHT Articulation GLIDERIGHT® Articulation The GLIDERIGHT Articulation encompasses a trochlear groove designed to accommodate patient variation and soft tissue interaction, and patella components designed to optimize patella tracking while maintaining bone coverage.
ATTUNE Knee with SOFCAM Contact SOFCAM® Contact The proprietary s-curve of the SOFCAM Contact is designed to provide a smooth engagement for gradual femoral rollback and stability in flexion, while reducing stresses transferred to the tibial spine.
ATTUNE Knee with LOGICLOCK Tibial Base LOGICLOCK® Tibial Base  The LOGICLOCK Tibial Base has a patented central locking design that provides the architecture for the system that optimizes kinematics, while reducing backside micromotion to the lowest reported levels in the industry.1
ATTUNE Knee with Intuition Instruments INTUITION™ Instruments The INTUITION Instruments combines the surgical process with intuitive and efficient instruments to allow the surgeon to balance the soft tissue and precisely control the implant position and fit for each patient.


1. Leisinger S, Hazebrouck S, Deffenbaugh D, Heldreth M. Advanced Fixed Bearing TKA Locking Mechanism Minimizes Backside Micromotion. International Society for Technology in Arthroplasty (ISTA) Annual Meeting. 2011.


For more information on ATTUNE Knee System, please contact your DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction Sales Representative.


The ATTUNE® Knee System is backed by a comprehensive evidence generation program that encompasses clinical and patient reported outcomes (PROMS) as well as value based healthcare studies. The early clinical results of the ATTUNE Knee are promising and include data from national registries, company initiated studies and investigator initiated studies, as noted in the articles and papers below.


ATTUNE Knee Clinical Evidence

Patient Reported Outcomes in TKA Among Currently Available Products: A Large Sample Prospective Worldwide Study Establishes a broad reference dataset of TKA patient PROMS. Overall PKIP satisfaction correlated with common PROM.
Early Outcomes with a New Primary Total Knee Arthroplasty
System vs. Contemporary TKA: Interim Results of Two
Worldwide, Multi-Center Prospective Studies
At 1 yr. compared to patient implanted with other leading knee brands, PROMS reported by ATTUNE Knee patients were statistically significantly better or trended to favor ATTUNE Knee patients.
United Kingdom Joint Registry Data New UK Joint Registry data confirms positive early results for the DePuy Synthes ATTUNE® Knee System
Australian Joint Registry Data Latest Australian Joint Registry Data Confirm Positive Early Results For the ATTUNE® Knee System
Hospital Length of Stay and Discharge Disposition after
Primary Total Knee Arthroplasty
79% of ATTUNE Knee patients were discharged to home with or without home healthcare while 21% were discharged to Skilled Nursing Facility or other facilities.
Comparative Effectiveness of the ATTUNE® Knee System
vs. the Triathlon Knee System
ATTUNE Knee patients demonstrated a 39% lower odds of discharge to skilled nursing facility vs. patients who received TKA with Triathlon™.
Outcome of the First 500 Cases of a New Total Knee
Replacement Prosthesis
ATTUNE Knee System has early survivorship of 99.6% at 1.8 years.
An Early Outcome Study of the ATTUNE® Knee System
vs. the SIGMA® CR150 Knee System
ATTUNE Knee patients have less pain, better motion and improved function in this short term follow up study.
ATTUNE® Knee System Early Performance: Minimum
Two Year Clinical Results White Paper
ATTUNE Knee early performance registry demonstrated satisfactory early clinical results.
Learning Curve with a New Primary TKA Implant: A Worldwide Perspective with more than 2000 Patients Assessment of learning curve (early vs. later cases) demonstrated no difference in knee-related intraoperative complications, no difference in PROMS.
DSUS/JRC/0216/1397(2) 02/2016

All medical devices have associated risks. Please refer to the package insert and other labeling for a complete list of indications, contraindications, precautions and warnings. For further information on DePuy Synthes Products, please contact your local DePuy Synthes Representative.
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