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Division: Hip Reconstruction
Category: Hip Reconstruction

The SUMMIT® Tapered Hip System is built on the tapered stem geometry that draws from the DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction heritage as the leader in cementless hip technology. The SUMMIT Hip has its foundation in critical anatomical analysis, surgical experience, and sound engineering principles. This, plus a commitment to research and development, state-of-the-art manufacturing methods and precision instrumentation, has been combined to create the SUMMIT Tapered Hip System.


Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
DUOFIX® Coating (combination of POROCOAT® Porous Coating and Hydroxyapatite) • Fixation to bone has been shown to occur in less than 3 months1,2
Radial ZTT Steps • Converts hoop stresses to compression loads3

• Reduced risk of intra-operative fracture4*
Direct Lateralization • Enables femoral offset restoration without affecting leg length

• Offset options to help surgeons manage soft tissue laxity
Neck Design • Neck geometry designed to decrease the risk of dislocation due to impingement and increased range of motion5

• Polished neck designed to reduce wear debris

*When compared to leading competitors


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5. Data on file DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc., Warsaw, IN. DVA-106976

DSUS/JRC/0915/0995 05/2016

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