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Division: Hip Reconstruction
Category: Hip Reconstruction

The SUMMIT® Tapered Hip System provides an advanced tapered stem geometry that draws from the DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction heritage as the leader in cementless hip technology. The SUMMIT® implant has its foundation in critical anatomical analysis, modified by surgical experience and optimized by sound engineering principles. In concert with our commitment to research and development, state-of-the-art manufacturing methods and precision instrumentation, the Summit® Tapered Hip System provides an excellent option for treating patient needs.


Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
DUOFIX™ ( combination of POROCOAT® Porous Coating and Hydroxyapatite) • Biological tissue ingrowth has been shown to occur in less than 3 months1,2
Radial ZTT Steps • Converts hoop stresses to compression loads4

• Reduced risk of intra-operative fracture5*
Direct Lateralization • Enables femoral offset restoration without affecting leg length

• Offset options to help surgeons more effectively manage soft tissue laxity
Neck Design • Neck geometry designed to decrease the risk of dislocation due to impingement and increased range of motion6,7

• Polished neck designed to reduce wear debris

*When compared to leading competitors


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