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DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction PINNACLE Hip Solutions is designed with a wide range of acetabular cup options, biological and mechanical fixation alternatives and advanced bearing technologies.  These modular solutions provide you with the power to choose without compromise. PINNACLE Hip Solutions allows you to meet the individual needs of patients and their lifestyle.


Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Enhanced options

Our unique approach to modularity gives you more ways to bring together components and materials for optimized performance.

Allows you to achieve stability, wear reduction and surgical flexibilityChoose a solution featuring the most advanced technologies available –ceramic-on-polyethylene, metal-on-polyethylene, ceramic-on-ceramic

Proprietary Bearing Surface Technology The PINNACLE Hip System is the only bearing construct in the US that offers exclusive delta-on-delta ceramic technology via the CERAMAX® Ceramic Total Hip System.
Proven design – THE VIP taper Variable Interface Prosthesis (VIP) taper technology contributes to advanced modularity by supporting both polyethylene liners and ceramic inserts.VIP taper technology also enables macro- and microstability by functioning as a supporting and locking mechanism.
92% Wear reduction with ALTRX® Altra-Linked™ Polyethylene1,2

ALTRX Poly is an ultra-low-wear polyethylene and an advanced option in alternative bearings.

The unique ALTRALINK® manufacturing process is used to allow a  balance between wear reduction and mechanical integrity. Unlike annealed polyethylene, ALTRX consistently eliminates free radicals and oxidative potential

Lowest hazard ratio for cup revision for any reason PINNACLE Hip System with cross linked polyethylene demonstrated the lowest risk of revision among contemporary cups* in a recent Mayo Clinic Study3.
BIOLOX® delta Head on ALTRX Polyethylene bearing surface

BIOLOX® delta-on-ALTRX bearings provide an alternative solution for high-demand patients.

This low wear option produces 33% less volumetric wear than ALTRX Liners with cobalt chrome heads while being less susceptible to added wear from third-body debris such cement or bone fragments2,4.

Fixation Our advanced GRIPTION®, POROCOAT® and DUOFIX® Porous Coatings promote biological tissue in-growth
GRIPTION® Coating GRIPTION technology is a cementless coating specifically engineered to maintain a 63-percent porous, 300-micron pore structure designed to maximize both short- and long-term fixation.
POROCOAT® Porous Coating

POROCOAT Porous Coating provides initial fixation and biological tissue ingrowth.

POROCOAT has been used in clinical applications for more than 30 years

In a recent multi-center study, PINNACLE Cups with POROCOAT Porous Coating  demonstrated a 95.8 percent survivorship estimate at 9-years for 1,592 patients5.

DUOFIX® Coating

DUOFIX Coating is a combination of Porocoat Porous Coating and highly amorphous hydroxyapatite (HA).

DUOFIX Coating uses tiny, spherical beads to maximize surface area for initial  stability and biological tissue in-growth into the porous coating.

Plasma spray flame applications provide a consistent layer of HA.DUOFIX also helps to seal the acetabulum against particulate debris, reducing the chance of component loosening. 

Advanced Stability

head-to-shell ratios across a full spectrum of sizes proportionally increase jump distance and stability, and reduces the chance of dislocation.

A smooth range of natural motion is yet another key benefit for patients.

Enhanced materials

PINNACLE Hip Solutions materials offer mechanical integrity, wear resistance and oxidative stability.

Our advanced modularity and range of solutions allow you to match  components to your patient’s needs – more important than ever, considering today’s patients are demanding far more from implants than previous generations.




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2.  Data on file, DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc., Warsaw, IN

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*HG-I/Standard(Baseline), DePuy Synthes PINNACLE Cross-linked, Zimmer® Trilogy® Cross-linked, Smith-Nephew Reflection® Cross-linked, Zimmer TM Monoblock Cross-linked, and Stryker® Trident PSL Cross-linked

BIOLOX® delta is a trademark of CeramTec GmbH.


All medical devices have associated risks. Please refer to the package insert and other labeling for a complete list of indications, contraindications, precautions and warnings. For further information on DePuy Synthes Products, please contact your local DePuy Synthes Representative.
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