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Division: Hip Reconstruction
Category: Hip Reconstruction

Boasting advanced design features, a bone-conserving surgical technique and over 20 years of clinical heritage, the CORAIL® Hip System provides surgeons with a choice for minimally invasive procedures


Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Clinical Heritage • 98.3% - Survivorship estimate at 10 and 14 years in 6,700 cases1

• 98.9% - Survivorship estimate in 100 consecutive cases at 8 years2

• 97% - Survivorship estimate in 5,456 cases at 15 years3

• Over 1,000,000 provided for patients worldwide4
Stepped Geometry • Oriented to minimize shear forces and maximize compression loading in host cancellous bone

• Cross sections promote stability
Biomechanics • Restores patient anatomy and biomechanics

• Provides surgeon flexibility by addressing a wide variety of patient anatomies with multiple sizing and offset options
Compaction Broaching • Minimizes instrumentation needs

• Preserves patient anatomy
Collared and Collarless Options Allows for surgeon options to treat a wide range of patients • Cross sections promote stability
Neck Design • Designed to maximize range of motion and reduce risk of mechanical impingement

• Eliminates the creation of a false skirt due to trunnion protrusion when used with nonskirted Articul/eze heads

• Polished neck is designed to generate less wear debris secondary to prosthetic impingement


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3. Hallan, G, Lie SA, Furnes O, Engesaeter LB, Vollset SE, Havelin LI. Medium - and long-term performance of 11,516 uncemented primary femoral stems from the Norwegian arthroplasty register. The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. 2007:89-B:1574-80.

4.Data on file at DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc., Warsaw, IN, Compilation of Domestic and International Sales Reports.


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